Strategy Development

Find the opportunity, identify the best way to execute

You already have an idea, an ambition, a vision. Maybe it’s an amazing, innovative new concept, product or service. Or maybe you want to expand your existing business. You know exactly what you want to bring to the market, but how will you make it a success? How will your offering fit in the market? How will you deliver and distribute it? How will your organization adapt to delivering it?

The Strategy Bureau applies creativity and expertise to all of these questions. We work with you and your team to develop a solid strategy.

Business Planning

Transform goals into a clear delivery path.

You have goals, a market strategy, and ambitious growth plans. To achieve these, you need to know what to do and when to do it. You need to understand what finances are needed to make it happen, how to plan distribution, and how to phase your work so you can manage the growth. You need to know which resources to apply at each moment. You need a solid business plan.

The Strategy Bureau are experts in developing solid business plans with clear roadmaps. So you can keep focused on achieving your goals.

Market Analysis

Understand your competition, showcase your uniqueness

You have a unique offer, product or service. Or maybe a rare opportunity to purchase a competitor. You are ready to move ahead, but need to understand more about the market. Is it as unique as you think? Are there viable alternatives? What does your audience use today, and what do they pay for that now? Who are your potential clients, how do they work, and who are their leaders? What might they be prepared to pay for your offer, and how big is your potential market? What other new developments are afoot that you should count on and that will affect your strategy and business plan?

The Strategy Bureau regularly researches and analyzes markets, including non-profit ‘markets’. We are experts at finding relevant data and specialize at synthesizing data into a relevant analysis. We synthesize market analysis so it can improve your strategy and business planning. So you can keep focused on achieving your goals.

Financial Analysis

Design a delivery model, generate actual revenues

All those plans are great, but what are the financial results? How much growth can you afford? What funding do you need? How does your staffing ramp-up support your revenue increase? And what are the sources of your actual revenue anyway? Have you included seasonal patterns? And will you still have the cash to make it happen, when clients pay you slowly?

The Strategy Bureau are experts at developing solid, detailed financial projections, ranging from regular retail to complicated subscription based Software-as-a-Service revenue models. We understand all of the options in business structures, including overseas branches. We develop your financial plan. So you can keep focused on achieving your goals.

Operational Processes

Define how it will work, organize it, manage it

Creating efficient work processes, and having an effective organizational model, are crucial to your success. Your people can make – or break – your ambitions. Maybe you are already in the midst of your growth process, and are now experiencing growing pains. What are the essential work processes? Who does what, in which sequence, at which speed and service level, and who authorizes? Who manages who, and do you really need all those managers? And what are the most effective job roles and responsibilities to attract top talent?

The Strategy Bureau has decades of experience analyzing an defining work processes, and designing effective organizations and leadership structures. We understand the difference between managing repetitive processes and professional services, and offer tailored solutions to fit your team, your production, your organization. So you can be efficient, attract and retain top talent. So you can keep focused on achieving your goals.


Why Choose Us

  • Excellent, thorough analysis
  • Creative solution development
  • Broad industry experience
  • practical, executable strategies
  • All to support your growth

What Clients Say

The Strategy Bureau was incredible, and over-delivered. Their insight was eye-popping – we now know exactly what we were doing well as well as what area’s need improvement.
Conor Nicholson, CEO NSS RPO
Arend is AWESOME! Everything from preparation, attention to detail, and final deliverable were nothing less than perfect! THANK YOU!

Allen Solomon, CEO Pinnacle Creative Media
The Strategy Bureau was great in developing our business plan. Thoughtful questions about operations, revenue goals and systems prompted us to really consider what we want to accomplish and how. Arend is a trusted advisor as we continue to grow.

Susan Shelby, CEO Rhino PR
The Strategy Bureau exceeded our expectations and is a terrific partner and resource for our company. Arend facilitated critical problem solving with our executives and helped unearth new solutions to old problems we’ve struggled with for years.

Charley Todd, CEO Ted Todd Insurance
The Strategy Bureau thoroughly assessed our needs, helped shape our thoughts about deliverables and was disciplined about delivering to timelines. The final deliverable hit the mark.

Jake Hampton, CEO Virtual MGA
The Strategy Bureau is an invaluable asset for us. Our comprehensive business plan has set us on track for both immediate and sustained growth. Arend’s keen insight helped us on the path to being an industry leader on a regional scale, even in a competitive education market.

Barb Johnson, CEO Wicked Cool for Kids
The Strategy Bureau understood exactly what we needed, came up with creative ideas and delivered a comprehensive, executable plan that is above and beyond what I thought possible.

Dennis Piedrafita, CEO Landmark Ag
The Strategy Bureau did an outstanding job. We were impressed with Arend’s ability to immediately grasp our ultimate goal for the project, and think outside the box of our original scope, which added significant value to the final deliverable.

Isaac Garcia-Dale, General Manager, Catalant Technologies
I had a terrific experience with The Strategy Bureau. Arend quickly grasped our business and built a comprehensive business model for us that was reviewed very favorably by our board of directors. A real pro and a delight to work with.

Linda Stewart, CEO Gather Education
The Strategy Bureau was incredible to work with. Arend’s patience and dedication to provide us intelligent and thoughtful solutions was above and beyond my expectations. I whole heartedly recommend Arend to any business facing challenges of aggressive growth, resource efficiency, and cleaning up internal processes.

Christopher Ahn, Chief Strategy Officer Moku Collective
The Strategy Bureau began adding value from our first discussion of the project and did so with vigor until it’s completion. Not only was Arend able to complete what I’d asked for in a timely manner but his ability to think creatively about our approach and strategy was invaluable.

John Nelligan, Business Development
The Strategy Bureau worked very professionally on the go-to-market/business modelling we had to conduct within a week – Arend was structured in the approach, and at the same time very flexible regarding timetable. Easy to work with, fun to communicate, bringing broad knowledge from various industries and across functions; would recommend The Strategy Bureau anytime.

Bernhard Wirtz, Director Smart Devices Innovation, Swarovski
I’m very satisfied with the work The Strategy Bureau has done for us. Arend quickly picked up on the nuances of our business and helped to crystallize the weaknesses and action steps that needed to be taken.

Marc Van Kley, President Beltmann Integrated Logistics
Arend’s has strategically spear-headed our Executive Team’s growth initiatives for 2018. His intuitive ideas and out-of-the-box thinking has made us look at our business model and company culture in a different angle than ever before.
Bobby Eaton – COO, RR Auction