Strategy Development

Evidence the opportunity, identify the way to grasp it

Business Planning

Transform ambitions into a clear path to delivery

Market Analysis

Know competitive environment, evidence your uniqueness

Financial Analysis

Design delivery model, leading to actual revenues

Operational Processes

Define how it will work, organize it and staff it

We enjoy finding creative solutions and pathways. We never give up. We help you to the starting line of successful growth
You are the best at executing. That’s why you are in business. We are expert at Creative Strategies. Solid Analyses. Clear Roadmaps. Evidenced Financials. Effective Organizations. We help you plan for your ambitions. You succeed at growing.
While realizing the growth is out of our scope, we feel responsible for your success. One thing is certain about any business plan: reality will turn out different. That is why we always are available to support. To learn. To correct. And to see you succeed!
Start-ups are exciting – the world is open for the taking. But without a plan, your startup is just an idea. We help startups understand their offering, their markets, their business model, their future operation and, most importantly, find funding .
You know your business. But growth means changing your business. Changing sales and marketing, changing your internal processes. Change your team. And you need to fund the growth. We help planning for all of that, so you are never without a guide on your way up
Growth can mean income, or more success at achieving your stated mission. We help you plan strategy and roadmap for that combination. Have extensive experience supporting not-for-profit organizations, including governmental organizations in the US and overseas.

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