Arend de Jong
Arend de JongFounder / Business Strategy Specialist
      • 20 years experience with new products, new businesses and business lines, rapid revenue growth, changing organizations, changing work processes, financial analysis;
      • Formal financial background, with strong market strategy experience
      • Creative, pragmatic, gets your ambitions realized
      • Extensive international experience, many verticals, including non-profit
Helping businesses grow, with creative, practical, tailored advice is where I come into my own.

Identifying exactly which product or service, and the best delivery method is where my creative talents come into their own. Originality, a well-informed sense for competitive forces and the potential opportunity and the ability to define it into a tangible, marketable proposition.

Planning how to make it happen, defining a realistic path to manage growth effectively and helping clients avoid pitfalls is a matter of experience. 20 years of growing businesses, starting new business lines, launching new services, redefining processes and organizations means I can help clients focus on where they are good – execution.

Developing new concepts, breaking through into new markets, and streamlining processes and organization is what gets me excited. I true believer in free enterprise and the role of business in serving needs also mean that I relish conceiving of for-profit propositions to ‘make the world a bit better’ through sustainable and social ventures.

  • New businesses, products and services
  • Market and competitive intelligence
  • Streamlining your processes to support growth
Every client has different needs, so I use a tailored approach for each challenge. Of course experience informs a number of necessary pillars under every project, but your ambition, your question and your organization is central to my process.

I believe in transparent, structured, processes, with clarity for client and consultant about steps, planning and deliverables. For every engagement, I develop a tailored Statement of Work. So that we all know where we are, what remains to be executed and what you can expect.

Traveling – both for pleasure and work – are my passion. I have worked in places as far afield as Nigeria, India and the Caribbean, as well as North America and Europe. But I also enjoy a small trip to Maine or just the local beach.

Non-profit initiatives using business principles to achieve some social goal always have my keen interest. I enjoy supporting such organizations with time, energy and expertise.

Cycling is a long-standing passion. Long distance, endurance road-riding. I participated in the 400 mile Climate Ride from Bar Harbor, ME to Boston, MA, and look forward to joining the Californian Coast Climate Ride in 2017.